What is Everywhere We Eat?

A collection of food and travel short stories. We write about food and the places, people, history, and culture that ultimately makes the meal.

We write because because we believe that food can inspire anybody’s day — certainly ours, and hopefully yours — and if successful, you should feel like you were there.

You can expect new content twice a week. Maybe even three times. We want to have our cake and eat it too, quantity and quality.

Our stories are edited and a short 3-5 min read because we know that the greatest stories are thoughtful and convenient.

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Who writes “Everywhere?”

👋 Hello!

My name’s Corey. I’m a food and travel writer and work remotely.

Curious, excited, and hungry, I travel, write, and eat across the world.

I created Everywhere We Eat because I wanted to share and read food and travel stories. My family and friends also wanted to see what I had to write.

Want to connect? I’d love to via — email, Substack, LinkedIn, or carrier pigeon.


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